Sewer Services

Call a professional sewer and septic service in Laurel, Columbus, Billings and surrounding areas in MT

Drain Cleaning

Every home has a main sewer line that captures everything that is put down any drains in a home. Eventually everything captured will either drain into the city's sewer outside of your home or into your septic tank if you live outside of the city. When something prevents the flow in the main line, everything "upstream" of the clog will start to back up as it has nowhere to drain to. The clog will be caused by objects getting stuck in the line which can be as simple as the diameter being too big, such as a big accumulation of toilet paper, or it could be more substantial such as an issue with the pipe itself. Cotter's Sewer inc has the proper equipment to fix the problem. It may be enticing to rent some cables and attempt it yourself, but often times you will still need to call us because you aren't going to be able to reach it or clean the line thoroughly enough.


If you are having recurring issues with any drains in your home, we can visually inspect the inside of the line with a camera. Common problems with pipes include breaks, cracks, off set joints, separated joints and decay. This service also locates the line so we can mark the path of the line above ground and determine the depth. We also use the camera/locator to locate septic tanks if the lid is buried in the ground.

Water Jetting

Often times, cleaning the mainline with cables might not be enough to thoroughly get out all of the obstructions, such as roots. The water jetter uses high pressure water to clean out any and all obstructions. This process is often coupled with the camera to ensure everything is removed.

Preventive Maintenance

There are many homes that we come across with sewer lines that have recurring problems. It is much easier on the people living in the home to stay ahead and take care of the line before it becomes a problem. No one likes to have sewage coming up the drains in their home, and this always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Cotter's can put you on a routine schedule to clean out the line as often as needed.

Line Replacement

If preventively maintaining or jetting the line isn't enough, or if the line is in fact broken, Cotter's can provide you with an estimate to dig up the line and replace any sections of the line that are causing issues. There are many factors to consider when digging up a sewer line, so the line will need to be inspected and located with a camera before we can give you an estimate.

Trenchless/Pipe Pulling

Cotter's is now offering pipe pulling, which is a process where pipe is pulled underground. This process enables us to replace the broken pipe with new pipe, with minimally disturbing the yard. Pipe pulling is often used when there are reasons why the above ground cannot be disturbed. Cotter's will provide you with all the options available and you will be able to choose the option that best fits your price range and scenario.

Installing Clean Outs

The best place to clean a main line from is a clean out because it gives you the best access to the main. A clean out is typically found in your basement or outside in your yard. If your home does not have a clean out then we can clean the line from a pulled toilet or the roof vent. The other option would be to install a clean out, which we can give you an estimate for. Installing a clean out might be your best option to be able to better reach a certain part of the line that is having recurring issues.