Portable Toilets

Do you need portable toilets in Laurel, Columbus, Billings and surrounding areas in MT?

Construction Rental

Cotter's Sewer inc rents portable toilets on a monthly basis for job sites. These units are thoroughly cleaned at least once a week depending on how many workers there on site. They are stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If needed we can provide you with a lock to ensure private usage of the unit.

Event Rental

Event Rental

Cotter's also rents portable toilets for short-term events. Whether you are having a large get together in your backyard or a wedding reception, we can provide you with pristine toilets that you will be proud to offer your guests. This is often a much better alternative than having your guest trek through your house to use the restroom. Also, if your home is on a septic tank it can disrupt the tank's natural process if you have high usage within a short period of time, so renting restrooms for your guests is the way to go!

Hand Wash Station

For those that prefer water and soap for hand washing, Cotter's has hand washing stations for rent that have two stations supplied with water, hand soap and paper towels.

Trailer Units

Cotter's also rents portable toilets attached to a trailer unit. This is a good option for those needing to have a moveable toilet. This is also an option for those needing to rent a toilet in an area that we don't normally service. You are able to pick up the trailer unit from Cotter's yard in Laurel, Columbus & Billings, MT and take it to wherever you are needing it without having to pay for extra mileage. The trailer units are first come, first serve and there are trailers with one or two portable toilets.

Service Units You Own

If you own your own portable toilet unit and are needing it to be serviced, Cotter's can come to you and clean out and recharge your unit. You can set up a one-time service or be added onto one of our routes and we can service your unit on a schedule that works for you.